Five Different Types Of Exercise Bands

If you are looking for that little something to add to your slimming workout, or if you want to push yourself to the limits with the P90X exercise regimen, these bands will help take you from a dude to a stud. You may never be a famous star, but who says you cannot have the body of one.

These workout bands are a necessary item if you are using the P90X regimen. Getting started with the low resistance bands then gradually changing to the bigger tools. Even if you don’t know how to use these exercise bands yet an instructional video will demonstrate all the varied band exercises.

Especially designed to fit the P90X exercise, most of P90X products in the market are conceptualized to suit the resistance needs of the component routines.

Different Types of Exercise Bands:

1. P90X Exercise band upgrade kit

This type of exercise band comes with an easy to use sports cardio belt, which adds to the safety and performance of the user. It has a safety strap and door attachment feature to give a better support the user during exercises that involves too much jumping or even flying.

2. P90X Exercise Band Green

It is called the upper limit components with 40 pounds weight that can be installed depending on the user. With its low resistance capability, it is best for beginners. Its calm color radiates a relaxing and soothing feeling which enhance your nerves to relax, even during exercise.

3. P90X Exercise Band Red

P90X Exercise bands red were made to attain the ultimate muscle tone in just ninety days. It’s made from lightweight materials designed for gradual exertion. Same with the green exercise band, it is also best for beginners but old users can make use of this too.

4. P90X Exercise Band Magenta

Perfect for first time users, this exercise band is designed only for minimal level of resistance of 20 pounds. Getting into shape using this exercise band will only allow a little amount of resistance. It is a product of P90X exercises routine. Made from the best materials with a high durability component that last for lifetime.

5. P90X Exercise Band Pink

One of the most famous and sought out exercise bands mainly because of its attractive color. It is also an innovation of P90X exercise routine determined to provide the highest result of a total body workout for a minimum of ninety days.

It is famed to be the highest quality workout programs and workout routines in the United States. For health fitness buffs and professionals it is said to be the perfect accessory in P90X exercise routines. Customer testimonials have proven this amazing product can build the body and health of an individual in a new lifestyle.