Top 8 Sites Like GoDaddy (GoDaddy Alternatives) For Hosting & Domain Registration

Top Sites Like GoDaddy (GoDaddy Alternatives)

With many sites like GoDaddy it can be difficult to choose a domain registrar or web host. On this page you’ll find the best GoDaddy alternatives that I have personally used, including some free options.

While GoDaddy is one of the largest and most popular websites for domain registration and hosting it has definitely had its fair share of controversy. From shutting down people’s domains without proper notice, to large service outages and poor support to countless lawsuits.

This has lead many customers (including myself a former GoDaddy user) to seek out alternatives to GoDaddy for domain and hosting needs. The websites you’ll find below are other providers that I’ve used during my time online that have provided a better service than what I experience on GoDaddy. I’ve also included a number of free web hosts, while these don’t offer the same service as paid options it can be a good start for a project.

Just like anything else in life your mileage may vary so I encourage people to share their own experiences with these websites like GoDaddy in the comment section.
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2 Free Hosting Options
Why Use Free Hosting?

For permanent or long term projects I recommend that you stay away from free web hosting, it simply isn’t going to scale with you and is never going to deliver the same service, storage, bandwidth or uptime as fully paid hosting setups.

That being said I still think that free hosts can serve a number of purposes:

Good to experiment with setting up a WordPress (or other) site.
Temporary or short term projects that you want to do.
Simple websites that are just designed for friends or family.
Testing if there is a market for your idea.
Temporary email addresses.

Keep in mind that the free hosts listed below do allow you to easily switch to a paid plan with ease once you believe you have the need for it.
1 – GoogieHost
Another Free Host That Protects Against Spam & Offers Domain Registration

One issue of most free hosts is that spammy websites can often sit next to yours on the server and slow down people trying to access your website. GoogieHost does a good job of preventing this by manually approving all free hosting requests (24-48hr turn around).

Accordingly upon requesting your free hosting account you’ll have to fill in some basic details regarding your planned use of their service. This ensures that more server space is reserved for legitimate users such as yourself. Another benefit of GoogieHost is the ability to register domains, allowing you to get your own domain and link it to your free hosting.

GoogieHost is another free web host that I’ve used and are a good option if you want to practice the setup of WordPress on free hosting before moving to the paid hosting option ($/5 month)

GoogieHost offers 1,000MB disk space, unlimited bandwith, no ads, 2 MySQL databases, free emails, website templates, and installers that make installing WordPress or similar management systems easy.